Our Work

“The solution is always simple, you just have to find it.”
– Alexander Solschenizyn

Our earth is facing enourmous problems. Climate change and increasing pressure for growth ensure that the earth’s resources are exploited without restraint. The great looser of this competition is our ocean. More and more carbon is produced and absorbed by the ocean.

This slows climate change and global warming as the ocean serves as a carbon sink. This means that the ocean absorbs excess CO2 from the atmosphere. It becomes problematic through the lowering of the pH value and the associated ocean acidification.

That’s a high price to pay.
The price? Massive species and coral deaths all over the world. this leads to a negative effect on creatures in the sea and consequently also on humans. 
This phenomenon is particularly noticeable in the regions around Great Barrier Reef, the Middle East and the Central American states.

Our Solution

We are developing a process that can counteract acidification. With an investment, we would be able to build the Solution One.
We use a modified enzyme which is able to isolate the acid in the water and thus increase the pH value of the water.  Our small technical solution is perfect for the preservation of local corals. However, the concept can also be planned on a large scale with states and can be adapted to their needs.

At this point, we don’t want to reveal to much. If you are interested in investing, please contact us.


100% for the environment

We want to improve the environment, this is our top priority.



For a world where our descendants can stil live.